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But the woman was an undercover police officer who was investigating possible links to child sex abuse.Posing as a woman called Lisa, the officer sent messages over six days to Mr Parkinson, a teacher at Kirkcaldy High School, on Fab Swingers, a dating website.Nowadays, for a lot of people, sexting seems like one of the 'normal' ways to flirt and be intimate with someone they fancy or are in a relationship with.It can give a person a rush of excitement and a feeling of affection, intimacy or trust with another person.A religious education teacher accused of plotting to have sex with a girl of 14 will not stand trial after judges ruled that he was the victim of entrapment by undercover police officers.Iain Parkinson, 52, used a swingers’ website to arrange a meeting with a woman and agreed to be collected at a Travelodge by her husband before returning to their home.Some people feel pressured from their boyfriend/girlfriend or friends and other people who are sexting to join in with the trend or 'do what everyone else is doing'. Often young people use sexting as a way to prove themselves or their sexuality or sexual identity and be proud of how they look or who they are.

Although this is generally what sexting means, sexting someone can also be considered as: The person you send the picture or message to could be your boyfriend, girlfriend, someone you fancy, someone from school or work or someone you met online...anybody.They can council you over the phone and give you advice that you want and need about sexual exploitation online or elsewhere.They will never judge you or put you in an uncomfortable situation and you can talk about it as much or as little as you want. Because of the rise in the use of smart phones and social media, the act of sexting is similar to and also talked about as 'cyber sex'. Webcams Tips for staying safe Getting help: ZIPIT When someone talks about 'sexting' they usually mean sending a nude (naked) photo of themselves to someone through their mobile phone.

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Although you want to trust someone, it is difficult to know who to trust with so many ways to send and save pictures and messages.

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