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No, I would absolutely to talk about the controversial stuff, so here goes.

The rivalry is based upon a mixture of envy and resentment, because they are considered to be closer to the white man, who is the enemy and oppressor, as well as other feelings of resentment for the perceived unfairness of life.With this, I'll give you the short version of a section of my research, not the whole thing, else this post will end up being 70 pages long.Granted, understand my own bias in my own research; what I've done has been peer-reviewed by other scientists, so take it for what it is.Because I started off completely self-taught and built my company before I went to college to get a degree in it, I needed to build my portfolio to make up for the fact that, at the time, I hadn't a degree for social proof to show clients that I knew what I was doing.It's hard to make it as a self-taught anything in the corporate world, especially when you're competing on the Internet at the international level, but I did it.

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Thus, white women are often culturally considered to be the keys to status and revenge.

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